Here are 7 reasons to walk daily

Seven Lessons Learned from Walking

Here are 7 reasons to walk daily:

1. While the number 10,000 is frequently recommended as the number of steps you should walk in a day, the number is really arbitrary. Some short-legged people only end up walking maybe 7,000 steps, others 15,000 steps. What you will find over time from walking is that you will end up moving more and sitting less – without even thinking about it.

2. Your walking speed will increase. Over time, your natural pace of walking will get faster, even during your normal daily routine. Soon you will notice how slow other people (usually not as fit as you) walk. They seem to be moving at a snail’s space.

3. You will end up sitting less. Did you realize you sit more during a day than you sleep? Its true. Most of us sleep on average 7.7 hours per night but sit 9.3 hours per day. But numerous studies have all found that sitting for long stretches of time is causing many serious health problems. As a matter of fact, it now has its own distinction – the sitting disease. Researchers have found it is as deadly as smoking. What you will find from consistently walking though is that even while you are sitting, you’ll move more. You lean forward, lean back, fidget in your seat – just generally move more than before you started walking.

4. Walking keeps you healthy. It just does. From improving your immune function to getting enough vitamin D from walking outside, you will be healthier from just walking.

5. Other forms of “walking” adds to your daily step count. Whether it is dancing on a Saturday night, playing tennis or another court sport, other forms of exercise add to your step count and actually have a synergistic effect in that you burn even more calories than if you would have gained those steps just from walking. Plus, it gives you some variety to your exercise routine. Because the body strives for efficiency, it will over time learn to burn fewer calories while doing the same thing, so it is great to throw it some curve balls and keep it guessing as to what you will do next.

6. You will think more. Many experienced walkers will tell you that some of their best ideas and thoughts came to them while they were walking. Walking puts you in an environment where you have minimal distractions and have time to really do some deep thinking.

7. Walking is living. As you get into walking, you will notice things around you that you never noticed before – changes along your walking route that happen; new things that crop up. It increases your awareness of what is going on around you, which is a good thing.

Wow, who knew so many good things could come from the simple act of walking. If you have some pounds that you would like to lose and are looking for a lower impact exercise than running, consider starting a walking program where you get at least 10,000 steps in per day. Track your steps on your wearable fitness device or smartphone. Your body will thank you for the exercise and handsomely reward you with weight loss!


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